Nothing to do and make money

Easy money everyday, sounds good, right, to make money doing nothing? I agree! But to be honest when we say making money doing nothing, it is not always realy nothing, it is something, but not to hard word so we easyly can say NOTHING :) Well, that small that we need to , is what depends would that be hard or easy money. Definitely we all looking or some easy money out there. And yes, there is some easy money out here but not for all, those who are one step above the others, are the same people who really can make some fast and easy money almost doing nothing. 

For example, first time when I made some money of that sort, I was amazed and that oriented me to always belive in own ideas and always give a shot to every new idea, to not be lazy, to be creative, because, I think there is two sorts of people on this world: first who are working hard, and second who are just like I said: creative. Creative in everything, especially in making money. Or to be more clear: to make money online and offline on easiest possible way, with less possible work invested. Or nothing invested.

Sample of making money with doing nothing

Today I will not go deeply in some details for making money with no work, for that be prepared in my next post, but I will give You an example, just to see what is good approach and solving problem, which I call: I need $X.000 in next 2 weeks! :) Few years ago, about 5-6, I was without girlfriend, so decided to take a look at sites where singles meet. Gone to few of them, and signed, found some pretty chicks, sent some messages but nothing happend. I was wandering why? After that I decided to make small experiment to understand why I can't find girl online, but instead of that I found some facts that instantly created, as I will see letter, excellent idea for fast money. Since it looked to me that every dating site that I signed in is 90% men and about 10% girls, maybe less, and that is the reason why to my 15 messages to 15 different girls only one respond, I thought that maybe those 90% of mans who also looking for a girl can be good 'market'. What I done is: made one girl profile on 3 sites, put some attractive, but not nude pictures, and wait. What i sow than was great, every day, on every profile I had at lest 40-60 message, what was from all 3 profiles about 150 messages daily. I signed for one of dating sites, but this time not search for girls, this time I signed as affiliate. Every day, I was manually coping all 150 emails from messages that my girl profiles received, and mailed that people with some sweet message and advice to try to find me on particular site for which I was giving them  actually my affiliate link, which was paying $1 per free sign up, or $10 per payed membership of male members :) It was about $100-$120 every day in my pocket, or about $4000 monthly for next 6 months until I found much better ways for easy money. 

This is just one example, to explain better fact that I already told: if you want to make money doing nothing, with almost no work, almost doing nothing, You need to be extremely creative, and if you are, You will done! I hope that was interesting for You to read, in next post i will give You some more advanced and more creative stories about how to make money online.

How to make money doing nothing

What we learned about making money doing nothing until now ?

Today after years of blogging about making money from nothing, I decided to make one ultimate HOW TO make money doing nothing. Here will be summarized all money making ways that we talk about, what to do to make money from nothing, and this time I will share some  personal in formations: i will tell You how much I am making in this moment from any of those methods or how much money I made and why I stop with specified money making method. Also before reading this HOW TO MAKE MONEY DOING NOTHING, read first version of my small introduction  to HOWTO make money doing nothing to get some basics about how to make money online at all.

Would You like to sit and make money ?

Proven make money doing nothing methods

Unusual ways of making money doing nothing:

  1. Making money doing nothing, unusual ways: as we talk about making money donating sperm or eggs, I didn't try personally this, sice I am making money online on another ways but 2 of mine friends did, and made about $70-$120 per sample, so we can say that this is not a myth, You can realy make money just doing nothing and selling sperm or selling blood or plasma.
  2. Another unusual way about making money offline doing nothing is selling advertising space on Your body, I didn't try this, and don't know personally anyone who did, but visit Body billbordz and You will find that a lot of people selling advertising space on their hed, arms, legs and everywere for decent amount for decent amounts.
Those ways will not get you rich, but will make some extra bucks in your pocket, now we are going with methods that can make serious money.

Usual ways of making money doing nothing:

Now we go to realistic ways, and all of those make money online ways I tried and I will tell You how much they made to me.

  1. Making money in niche market, this is one of my primary source of incomes, with many sources for various niches and sub niches in this year I am making about $5.000 monthly. Now to be honest, I started 2 years ago, and in first year I was working for $10-$50 monthly, but my work payoff and now I am really make money doing nothing, just sometime I update my sites and blogs that makes me those passive income few times monthly do we can in this moment really threat those incomes like money from nothing, but there is initially invested hard work.
  2. Various online making money methods or become rich quick  methods, that other invented I just reporting to You, so there is a plenty of more or less creative ways for making money from home with less or more work. Almost all methods from this post are tried by me, and lets say that in 1 year I made about $3000 from all of them, but now I am not in any of those anymore.
  3. Money in high risk investments, we also talk about this, but this Industry is not more profitabile, we just mentioned and skiping now. This made me about $1.000 monthly but also  I was loosing huge amouts so will say that here I was -$500 monhly and I will never play those games again. It is better to go to casino and test Your luck.
  4. Making money with PC without any skills, for those who don't know to much about technical stuffs, money and don't know anything about anything, of course there is no some huge money there but You can make few bucks. Tried in first days of my online works and was making $70-$150 monthy
  5. Making money with social skills, as it name says, this is small guide on how to monetize Your social skils on facebook, tweeter, myspace and similar social services (digg, reddit, propeler, ett,etc) Every month bring me about $200 income.

I hope that this small HOW TO MAKE MONEY DOING NOTHING free guide will be useful to You to start making money doing nothing or to go step further and make more than You are making now. But is to You never ever can't stop trying, when one way fails go to another until You find Your gold mine.

Are you making money doing nothing now?

I was looking at calendar today. And I found that I am blogging about making money doing nothing ways almost whole year. So,I wrote about making money using various ways,from body advertising to blogging,selling on eEay and craigslist,and many other ways for some easy cash,so tell me,did you made some money in some or more money making ways? 

Feel free to post your money making ideas or ways on easy ways and  ventures as comments on this post. I will choose best make money doing nothing way and publish as separate guest post. Also, I decided to give a free life time link to bloger who also write about funny and unusual make money ways. Sa if you think that your money making site deserve to be linked from mine make money doing nothing blog feel free to post url in comment and I will choose one for permanent linking from blogroll. Ok that is all from me for today,waiting on yours money making from nothing ways.