More ways for make money doing nothing

Lets talk about free money, or money that You can get doing nothing.You probably heard million times "money doesn't grow on tree's". If I had a pound for every time I've heard that, I would be much richer than I am now. However the truth is that in some money making systems money can grow on tree's. The problem for average Joe is in deciding which is honest and profitable and which won't give you a dime. Many referral systems will use some sort of tree structure with different payouts depending on which branch of your tree a new user finds. While these can be ongoing, the chances are in my opinion that anyone who attempts to profit using referral systems will be in for a rough ride. Of course if you are the owner of a popular web page with thousands of visitors you are likely to refer many, but often your proceeds will come from your referrals referrals. Can you guarantee the actions of people you don't know? No certainly not, you can't even second guess people you do know half the time, its human nature.

Never gamble more than you can afford to lose. That's not just a popular saying, its extremely good advice. There are however several ways to increase your chances. For example, don't put all your eggs in the forum basket. Forums are full of other peoples baskets and offers and for each post or threat you place there are likely to be thousands of others which are equally appealing or more so if posted by someone more experienced than yourself. Your own site, blogs, post your links anywhere you can think of, Hell, even put it in your local shop if they'll let you. Your referrals don't have to come from Google! A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, but the more birds in the bush, the less chance of missing one so the one in your hand has less value.

High risk investment programs are the latest trend, but for me, I would urge caution with any of them. Most are short lived, many will only get you a few percent more than your initial investment, and almost all are only profitable for a short period when they first begin. Once more people join the cake has to be cut into more pieces until eventually only crumbs are left.

For investors its important to realise that fraud becomes much easier within the anonymous culture of the internet. I have heard of and witnessed people chatting online with people thousands of miles away as if they were someone from next-door. But was the Mark you spoke to really Mark, or an Abigail who is stuck at home with the children trying to make her life more exciting? Can you trust what they tell you when it comes to money? NO, certainly not. So if possible, only choose sites that are verified in some way or another, preferably by some party who has an interest in businesses being legitimate.

'Get Paid To' programs always imply minimal effort, nice relaxing read of an e-mail etc, but the truth is, you need thousands to make any real money. Links on each perhaps, and the inevitable possibility of ad ware contamination on your computer as a result. Its not doing nothing, or even close, its hard work for little penance.

My final advice has probably been heard millions of times today alone. READ THE SMALL PRINT. What are your earnings supposed to be, how much work will really be required (there are very few that don't require anything more than a small sign up fee), most will require referral links, selling, or marketing but remember, if you are posting links for a site, thousands of other people are too. We can't all be the link that they see unless there is only one entry point into the system.

I would hate to dissuade anyone from attempting to make money online, I do it, other people do it. Some manage and some fail, but you should be careful and know exactly what you are getting into before you get into it, e-mail and ask questions if you need to be sure. The mistake that most people make is to expect too much too soon, appreciate the fact that if a system is going to make you a lot of money without any effort, it will take a little time.

If you are ready to make money doing nothing or to become rich fast, continue reading more practical post with examples about real ways to make money online doing nothing or almost nothing, that will give you some perspective at this point. After that you will read other posts about money making techniques that I am giving for free to you on this blog.