How to Get Rich

How Make Money / Get Rich doing nothing story began and
How you will become rich?

Make money doing nothing and getting rich fast are two main topics of this blog. I am finding various ways for easy money, for more than 10 years in real and online world, but in last four years  I started  this blog, to share some tips, tricks and methods on how to make money online because I always had some ways to make money online that other people asked to share with them. Soon after  starting this blog, I got a lot of messages with questions like "How to rich fast", "Can you help me to make $10.000 monthly" and similar.

Now, after all that time,results are:  thousands of visitors every week, storm of questions and messages from my readers and a lot of people, who are mine readers who would like to make enormous amounts of cash online, or to become rich. It is important to remember that there is no magic stick for making money, there are easier and harder ways to earn cash, but all of them involves some work, and creativity. 

A lot of talks (you can check this blog archive) was here, about various ways and methods to make money from home: some of them were fast and lived only in particular period, and some of them work for years. No matter did I exploited some money making method at maximum or just started to earn using it, I was always shared here on my blog with you, my readers. After so much time, and so much questions, I decided to take one step forward: many people asked, some of them even begging me, to write simple eBook, that will explain my best, or proffered methods for making money online and becoming rich online millionaire.

Who need my Methods For Making Money online and becoming rich fast
To be honest, I never ever had on mind to really write  eBook, I was always tough: "Hey, ladies and gentleman, I am giving you for FREE, all the time, best of my money making methods. I making huge amounts every day, every week, every month for past 5-6 years, and in past 4 I share everything with you for FREE, what eBook do You want, I told you everything I know?"

But, few weeks ago, I received message from one of mine old readers, who told me this:

"Dear , I am reading your blog for past 3 years, and I think that is great that you are sharing all with us in your great blog posts. But to be honest I have small problem. Everything you write, looks fine and make sense, but since I don't have any tech skills, I can't do any simple stuff from beginning to end. I have friend who found your blog 2 years after me, and he is now, only after 13-14 months full time online, and makes more than $8.000 monthly, and I can't make more than few buck. I don't like to think that I am ungrateful, but please, can you write some sort of manual for dummies like me, or something similar, where me, and people like me, can follow STEP-BY-STEP some of your methods, and finally monetize some of your methods. I am tired that other can succeed and I can't, am I asking to much? Am I idiot? Please answer me. Thanks, Sincerely yours <I need to hide his name>"

Few copies left: buy now your ultimate money making manual

This message, forced me to rethink again, so I decided to read all my posts that I made in last four years here, with various ways for making money, and different getting rich schemes, and you wouldn't believe how surprised  was, when I found out, that this guy is not dummy, that I am dummy!  All posts that I wrote, are so messy, that only people who already work internet marketing and are familiar with online money making can understand and use methods for making money that I am talking about. Yes that is true, it is and was not esy to understand for newbie. Try yourself, look at blog archive, and you will see tens of money making tested ideas, but how much of them you can monetizing right now? For which idea you can understand whole process from starting to end?

Are You ready to become rich, serious?
That is reason why I deiced to select 3 best ever money making methods, to make manuals in form of eBooks,  and to give you. 
So first, I wrote Series 1: get Rich Now in Adult Dating Industry. Two other Series, will be finished until end of 2011, but all who are interested can start right now. Idea is to describe in details, with precise steps every of those 3 methods, so anybody can find what feels that will be most comfortable with. That means that You don't need all 3 methods, one will be just fine, every of those will make you decent earnings, and if you are disciplined, any of those methods will make you rich.

Criteria for choosing 3 methods that I will write eBooks for were:

- method made and making for me more than $50.000 monthly
- method is newbie friendly
- method can be described in not more than 10 steps

First result is here, my first eBook about getting rich, or at least making decent monthly earnings ($100-$300 daily) for newbies. This page will be updated, but for those who are so in hurry here you can get it right now. 
After first 4 days of sale, I already get certain number of testimonials and will post here soon, to show you what other people says, just after 4 days!

          Get Rich   S E R I E S    1          
Get Rich Now in Adult Dating Industry

Make $100-$300 daily in Adult Dating Industry.

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