Make money invest nothing

There are a million plus ways to make money on the Internet – even if you don’t have a product to sell or service to sell. However you need to know that running an online business takes a lot of time and effort and it isn't easy, just like running any business. However, you can get started without any products, which is one less hurdle for most people wanting to start a business.
The great thing is you don’t need to be a computer expert to start an online money making business, (look at those money making examples), but you do however need to either be able to set up a website, or have the resources to pay someone else to do it for you.
But firstly you need to find a niche, a niche is basically another word for a profitable market or product.
If you want to make money with your niche site, then you need to draw visitors to your site by niche marketing. There are many things to you will need to know in order to earn any profits from niche marketing. These things dictate exactly how to plan your attack to successfully market to customers in your niche in order to make money.
Affiliate marketing using niche marketing as your initial guide is the next best move. IE, find the market that is right for you first, then find a company (merchant) that sells that product that is offering an affiliate program, join the program as an affiliate and sell that merchants product.
Being an affiliate means you are selling other people’s products, and you get a percentage of the sale, or you make a small fee for each person who requests more information. Most major retailers offer affiliate programs, along with many smaller retailers (with lots of good products and services), so you need to do nothing especially.
However it’s not a good idea to try to compete with an established marketers who are the big hitters in internet marketing as they have more money and resources than you especially if your just starting out and they will end up wiping the floor with you.
A far better solution in order to make money as an affiliate is to find a “niche” or ''niches'' that serves a smaller group of people, that you can easily reach and market to.
A great way to make money quickly do nothing, and easily is to find an affiliate program then either write a report on a subject related to the product or pay someone to write a report for you or try to find one for free at a JV (Joint venture) event with master resale rights. Throughout and at the end of the report you should recommend the product your promoting. You then want to give that report away for free via your website, via articles which have a download link that leads directly back to your report or in some other way.
Every one loves something for free and so you shouldn't have to go to any real effort to get people to download your report. Make sure that you only allow people to give away or sell the report with Master Resale Rights and not Public Resale Rights and stand back and watch as what is known as the viral effect takes place. People will sell and give your report away all over the Internet thus increasing your chances of making lots of sales and making lots of money, some of them will get rich and maybe you will too.