Get money on nothing examples

Learning how to make money doing nothing is not just limited to online business.  Because that I found and selected some ways to get money doing nothing in real world, or to be clear, examples what people already done to create and invents some new business which they don't need to work hard for. All business here you can visit, consider and maybe they can be inspiration for you to start making money doing nothing.

Michael Senoff has stumbled upon a perfect online home business opportunity – reselling old seminar materials. He was really impressed by Jay Abraham. The only problem was that it costs $20,000 to attend Jay’s workshops (no wonder the press called it, “the world's most expensive seminar"). So he did some digging and managed to find a guy from Northern California who had attended the seminar, asking to buy seminar materials off him. He bought the entire set for … 50 dollars. He later found out that Jay’s materials are being sold on eBay for several hundred dollars. He broke up the original package (that he got for $50) in several pieces and sold items for $1700. Thus, his perfect online home business was born. Michael now resells old seminar materials for dozens of marketing gurus, easily profiting over $1000 a day. Read full story in Mike's own words.

Catherine Keane, the owner of Hungry Pod, makes over $100,000 a year, uploading music to other people’s iPods. This online home business idea came to her when an acquaintance offered her $500 to load his CD collection onto his iPod. Thanks in part to a small story in The New York Times, Keane's advertising efforts on Craigslist and word-of-mouth, HungryPod has expanded to three employees and four computers, and has annual sales that exceed $100,000. Read The New York Times article about Catherine and her business.

Joshua Opperman has his ex-fiancée to thank for his thriving online home based business. After the breakup, he was stuck with the engagement ring he paid dearly for. He went back to the jeweler where he'd bought it three months earlier, but found he could only get 32 percent of its original cost. Josh didn’t like that one bit, so he set up a site, where people in the same situation can sell their engagement rights for a better price. See the full profile of this online homebusiness here.

This is a great online home-based business idea that requires no money and that anyone can start. PickyDomains is a risk-free domain naming service that got a lot of publicity and ‘blogtalk’ in Europe lately. This is how it works. A customer deposits $50 dollars and describes what kind of domain he or she wants. Domain pickers then send in their suggestions of available domain names. If the customer likes one of the domain names and registers it, the service gets $50. Otherwise the money is refunded at the end of the month. Read full article about how you can make money naming domains here.

Reading a business magazine in the doctor's office inspired Joseph Tantillo to try his hand at online retailing. At the time, he and his wife were expecting their first child and wanted to work from home. An article about starting an online store jumped out at him, he recalls—and, as a member of a fraternity in college, he decided to sell personalized Greek apparel to that market. After setting up shop for just $79.95—the cost of a merchant account with Yahoo!— he began researching what kind of products his former fraternity brothers might like. Using the strong Greek network worked, as he's built's yearly sales to $1.9 million. Read Joseph’s story here.

Rick Field, a Yale graduate and former TV producer for Bill Moyers, is a perfect example of how you can start successful home business out of a hobby. Field learned the art of pickling when he was growing up in Vermont. About eight years ago, gripped by a sense of nostalgia, he took up pickling again. In his tiny kitchen, Field made family recipes and then quickly began experimenting. People’s wildly enthusiastic response to his Windy City Wasabeans (soybeans in wasabi brine) and Slices of Life (sliced pickles in aromatic garlic brine) told him he was onto something. Read how Rick took his home business online here.

Karin Markley set her online business right out of home. Having 15 years of experience working in a civilian employment agency and knowing that companies value employees with military backgrounds, and she wanted to provide a one-stop link between the two. Karen contacted the Department of Defense for permission to use its seal on her Web site. It took months to get it, but is now linked to all the military bases. Markley, who projects annual sales of $600,000, points to her biggest reward: "Helping the military. Getting the letters and phone calls from these people thanking me so much for what I'm doing for them."

If I told you that you can make $200,000 blogging about hot sauces, you wouldn’t believe me. Yet, this is exactly what Nick Lindauer does. In 2001, while still in college, he launched his online homebusiness then called Sweat 'N Spice out of his Springfield (Ore.) apartment. He sold a few dozen types of hot sauces, packaged each order by hand, and shipped everything from his local post office, barely eking out a profit during his first year of operation. Today, Lindauer sells over a thousand products from some 300 manufacturers. In 2005, the business grossed around $130,000. He got $200,000 in 2006. One day, it’s going to be a cool $1000000. Full story.

Amazing Butterflies is really an amazing million dollar home business idea success story. Jose Muñiz's career began when a friend bet him $100 that he could not sell butterflies for a living. Now, seven years later, the former business consultant and his wife, Karen, own Amazing Butterflies, a live-butterfly distributor that generated $1 million in revenues in 2006. Though Muñiz is still waiting for his $100, he says that he has backed his way into a job that he loves. "I could never go back to consulting," he says. "This is just too much fun." Full story.

What began as a solution to her chronic back and neck pain is now a line of purses for women who share Kristy Sobel's condition--or simply want a fashionable fanny pack. After three car accidents that resulted in extensive back and neck surgeries, the 35-year-old entrepreneur realized she couldn't do the traveling her then-job required. To ease the weight on her shoulders, Sobel searched for a fanny pack that would accommodate her condition, but realized fashionable ones were nonexistent. So she created one. Before long, family, friends and even strangers were requesting this one-of-a-kind purse. She approached boutiques with her design after successful test runs at her friends' shops, but the door-to-door routine eventually took a toll on her body. Sobel continued her venture from home, found a rep to promote her bags at a trade show and used her and her husband and co-founder Eric's savings to launch LaNeige Purse. Last year she made over $200,000 from her purses.

Two years ago, Eli Reich was a mechanical engineer consultant for a Seattle wind energy company when his messenger bag was stolen. The environmentally conscious Reich, who rode his bike to work every day, decided that instead of buying a new one, he would simply fashion another bag out of used bicycle-tire inner tubes that were lying around his house. Soon compliments on his sturdy black handmade messenger bag turned into requests. "That was the catalyst," says Reich, who obtained a business license, gave up his day job, and quickly launched Alchemy Goods in the basement of his apartment building. The company's motto: "Turning useless into useful."

When Marty Metro and his wife added up the number of times each of them had moved over the years, it came out to an astounding 29 times. Metro knew they weren't alone in using massive amounts of cardboard boxes and was convinced he could help movers, businesses and the environment by creating a solution to the cardboard quandary. For now, offers an online exchange for those outside the delivery area to link up and exchange boxes with others for a nominal fee. With annual sales projections exceeding $750,000, the company boasts 75 percent-plus gross margins. Excelleant example from real world of making money do nothing just with good idea.

Eugene Gromov is a domain wizard. Software developer by trade, he has accidentally discovered that software companies are having a hard time finding available domains for their new products and services. But coming up with unique, memorable domain names was his hidden talent. After naming domains for others part-time for three years, he was literally forced into going into domain name business full-time. “When I started getting multiple orders a day, I realized that I can’t do it on my own any longer. I needed help”. So he launched PickyDomains.Com a site that aggregates orders for domain names and shares 50% of the profit with people who name domains for him.

While golfing with his brother one day, Andy Yocom saw prime advertising space on the flags on the course. He and his brother Timmy reasoned that any marketing messages would get prominent attention if they were placed on the flags, since golfers focus on them when they take their shots. Today, Invision Golf Group has expanded its advertising and marketing services beyond just flags to include whole golf course sponsorship-from banners in locker rooms to advertising on golf carts. The strategy is working: At press time, the sales were standing at $300,000 a year, and the company now has a presence on 142 golf courses in 26 states.

Ten years ago, The Great Throwdini (David Adamovich), now 59, retired as a physiology professor, bought a billiard hall and took up knife throwing. Adamovich now holds six world records and performs about 20 solo shows a year. He has performed on Broadway, at corporate events and weddings and on TV shows such as "Late Show with David Letterman" and ESPN's "Cold Pizza." He makes around $100,000 a year for his knife-related ventures, but for $75 an hour Adamovich also offers private lessons at his Long Island, N.Y. home.

Leg casts decorated with Sharpie markers are so five years ago. What’s the new must-have item for the injured fashionista? Designer crutches, of course. For Laurie Johnson, founder of LemonAid Crutches, the idea of adding a little pizzazz to the drab world of medical supplies was born out of terrible tragedy. In 2002, a small-plane crash took the lives of her husband and 2-year-old son, and left her with a broken femur that wouldn’t heal. A year later, still in emotional and physical pain, Johnson decided to take life’s lemons and make lemonade. It all started when her sister spray-painted Johnson’s crutches and fabric-trimmed the handles. “I sat there thinking, ‘Oh my gosh, this is so silly, but they make me feel better!’” says Johnson, 46. “I said, ‘If I feel this way, someone else is going to feel this way, too.” And though the designer-crutch business may seem like a small niche, Johnson has big plans for several new projects, such as offering crutches to children’s hospitals. Last year Lemon-Aid brought in just under $150,000.

Betty Funk's purses, made from used seatbelts, are so strong you can pull a truck with one, as a customer found out when a tow rope proved too short. The purses are so strong, you could whack a purse snatcher into next Tuesday. The strap won't rip, either, if you get into a tug-of-war with a pilferer. After all, the purses are made from material designed to save your life. Some people balk at the prices, which range from $40 to $130, depending on the size of the bag, and can rise to $160 for custom-made bags. But the business is booming. The company has sold close to 1,000 bags so far.

Like so many great business ideas Katie Olver’s eureka moment came to her out of a desire to buy something that didn’t exist. She was on the look-out for a personalized novel as a present for a friend, but the only ones she could find were for children. With a little persuasion, she convinced her partner of seven years, Jon Reader, to help her turn the idea into a business, and got to work on setting up U Star Novels, a series of personalized romance novels where the reader is the protagonist. The 2007 revenue is expected to be around $140,000.

Ralph Trumbo is neither an athlete nor a celebrity. Nevertheless, he has a bobblehead likeness of himself sitting on his mantel. Bobbleheads, those shaky-headed 3-D caricatures, have jiggled free of their mass-produced roots of an earlier generation. Once merely featureless figures decked out in team colors and handed out on game day, they now depict just about anyone who wants one. Ralph, who graduated from the University of Iowa with a fine arts degree in 2002, has been drawing caricatures since he was a child. He turned that interest into a job making bobbleheads after graduation. He won't say how many he makes beyond ''quite a few.'' Prices range from $150 to $200.

Tom Taylor never expected to be a player in the business world; he just wanted to play video games. But as he got better and better, his passion for competitive gaming--and his desire to share his expertise with others--grew. Last year, Taylor, a top-five rated player in the pro-gaming circuit, started a video game coaching business to help others who wanted to improve their games. "I wanted to offer them a shortcut so they didn't have to go through what I did to learn," says Taylor, who started playing video games at age 7. Running his business, Gaming-Lessons, out of his Jupiter, Fla., home, Taylor draws dozens of clients from middle-school kids to middle-aged parents and from college students to celebrities. His fees? A whopping $65 an hour.

Some of owners of those, here described sites/online business are become rich fast in few years thanks to some of those projects, so think positive and have in mind that money is out there you just need to think way to collect it! Read other post here to learn how to make money doing nothing, there is a lot of very good tips and tricks about making steady online earnings.

Top 5 ways to make money doing nothing

Making money online is ever green topic. No matter do you want just steady income online stream or you ask to How to become rich quick, you are probably here because you want to start making money on Internet. We discuss about this before, but according to comments, much people still don't get how to make money doing something or make money doing nothing on the Internet, so decided to make small summary of methods and ideas that can help you start making money. If you want to start making money on Internet doing nothing, read careful and feel free to ask anything that You don't understand (using blog comment system).

Obviously, to be honest, problem isn't in ideas and methods for making money, I think that problem is in an approach, people simply don't believe enough in their skills and not very patient, and for example same money making method will get rich one person, but another who don't believe and put much efforts will make just few bucks.

How Your online incomes should look

It is determined that most people fail in creating profitable online business because of simple reasons like: lack of patience, skills and faith. So let start again to learn how to make money with no work, I repeated it is not "with no work" at all, it is just with some initial work and then You can collect money from Your online sources of incomes.

Top 5 money making ways with no much work

  1. Make online business with content generating and publishing: there is a thousands ways to monetize Your content. You just need to be creative, to know what you are writing about and money will came. This can be started with $0 investment, open blog on Blogger, free blog like this one and start writing and making money now!
  2. Buy own money making site:  if You don't know how to create quality content which makes money, then invest in those who know how to do that. Buy for few hundred bucks site that makes at least $100 motnhly, and then follow instructions and increace those revenues every month. Treat this like any other business investment + time = profit. Professional created sites are good online investment, all you need to is to continue raising of traffic and profits on those sites. Monetization is in advertising networks like adSense, Chitika, or direct selling of advertising space.
  3. If You don't know how to write, and don't have any money for initial investment in Your online business, then start making money as forum poster. Search google for "revenue sharing forums", and find few good ones and start blurbing on forums, on this way You can make some huge money, but You any case spending Your time on forums, so be happy with $100-$150 monthly.
  4. Make money unusual ways: as it name says that is money making on unusual ways like: virtual framing, inventing, making and selling cheam home routers, body advertising,etc. All those ways can make some money, depends on You how much that is, like in real life, it is same on Internet in virtual money world, somone makes $300 monthly and somone makes $300.000 monthly.
  5. Make money in affiliate management: idea is simple, find online service that pays 2nd tier, invent new way to make money as affiliate, then use forums to pick up some newbiees and make 100-200 affiliates group, tech them how to use Your method, and live from 10%-20% lifetime commiosions. There many sites that will allow You to make money on this way, starting from adult services up to financial services. Me personally receiving about $1.000 from my FOREX affiliates. I am involed in online forex trading and is some moment i start blog about forex trading, forex brokers and platforms, and when i learned something and started to make money, broker house which i am client offered me 10% of every affiliate that I bring in, so I made small blog, send invitations on some forums, and created group of 500 interested people. Then I made manual that I send to them, called "how to make money online" about 10% become successful, and from those 50 i am making about $1.000 just for doing nothing!


        I decided to add 6-th way for making fast money from nothing really doing nothing it is

         6. AdSense arbitrage - Excellent way for making money with small investment just sitting and watching parameters on screen :)  Use Google to find more details about this, and I will describe basic concept: buy targeted traffic from one advertiser and sell to another. You need to find keywords which are for example in yahoo ad network cost $0.3 and Google advertisers pays $0.7, there are certain keywords that have even more gap between those 2 prices. When You find, calculate costs and ROI, then You just need to slightly buy more and make money profits, excellent way for easy money but require some skills.

I hope that this is inspiration to You for making money on easy ways, by doing nothing, or doing initially hard but later nothing.

Remember there are really thousands ways to make money out here on Internet or in real life, you just need to be creative, and to understand that, like i said ever-green game of money making.