You make money doing ...

 Ok, for all money from nothing hunters, decided to provide list with my info (texts) about making money online and offline doing nothing, just short update on ways of make money doing this or make money doing that , systematized and maintained resource info/list with good navigation so you can start reading in order that you are interested in, so:

2) You can make money doing affiliate stuffs 
6) You can read how other 15 peoples (and their services) made or making money
7) You can be rich in short time


This make money doing nothing table of contents is sum of most valuable blog posts here about earning online on easy way, or like we like to say "doing nothing".

I will back with more ways to do some easy money from your chair,cheers :)

After some time I made new , systematized How TO: Make money Doing Nothing, feel free to read and start making money from your home.