Another way to make money from home doing absolutley nothing: Sperm Donor

Today I found another excellent way to make more money from home, actually doing nothing: to be sperm donor! To be honest I think that is  great to somone pay You some extra money just to mastrubate, isn't it? Follow link that I give you and you will find more information about this, then just find sperm bank close to you and you can get some money today! 

How making money doing nothing (or let say jerking) works?
There is a lot of people out there who can't have children, and they are looking for artificial insemination. For that process they need sperm donor.  Sperm donor is paid per sample, that means that you will sell your sperm to local clinic, and they will sell to people that need. You don't care about that, for you it is important to take $50-$150 per sample, and you can do that few times weekly.

It is important that you are young, strong and health to accept you as donor. Best paying clinics are in NY in US and major cities clinics in UK. 

This is realy good way to making money from nothing, most of ous wasting our sperm, and here is a way that can make you a lot of money just doing nothing and selling sperm. Combined with some other ways to make money doing nothing,  it is possibly to be well situated (not wealth, but at least you need nothing to do everyday) so inform yourself more about this method of getting fast money.