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You always wanted to make money doing nothing? Then You are on best place! This is beginning of exploration of make money techniques on easier way, or if it is possible with no work. Of course You can't make anything, especially money with NO WORK AT ALL, but when I say "money from nothing", I actually mean to earn some or very much dollars online, with less efforts than ever. So I will try to post and explain here techniques, tips tricks, and latest trends in easy money online making. I will NOT ask you to pay something, I will NOT force (or even promote) everything that You need to buy, I will just share part of techniques for money making that i am using, and some of them can make you a personal wealth if you exploit them on best way.

Update 1:

As far, for last year and half i decided to update this ,first page. When I started, I just open this blog and first page (this one) was something like "Hi, lets make some money together", but after so much time, there is a lot of visitors who are derived by search engine, looking for terms related  to make money online ways, arrive here and most of them just close window and didn't look at all, at all that new posts for whole year. That is the reason why I decided to post small summary of what we learned about making money doing nothing from home in past almost 2 years, so if You are new here, first time, from this page You start with learning how to make money doing almost nothing, or unusual ways to make money from home,  or if You have enough time, and really want to start making money online to read big HOW TO make money doing nothing.

Update 2: 

After next 1 year, I am satisfied that when I am looking at my blog stats, I see that now much more people stay on site and read those useful make money from home doing nothing tips, tricks and ways since I am trying very hard to explain to brad audience. Just read, everything here is free, and something will for sure help you to start making money from nothing, and I am sure that some of visitors who are careful readers and who understand concepts of making money online can even become rich in next few years.

Update 3:

After 4 years of blogging, and much positive response from my readers I decided to write first eBook about getting rich online. I hope you will like it, and after reading that you will learn how to make few thousands daily online.