Nothing for Money

Dream to be in opportunity to make money for or from nothing and become rich, or at least doing nothing for (some or much more) money is not very realistic, as we mention few times on this blog, but what we are focused on is, how to make money with almost doing nothing? In other words, we are trying here to help people to make money with as much as it is possible less of hard work, that push creative ideas for earnings, some works and some not, even some methods works for certain people, and for another people some other methods that for first one people don't works.

After so much time, I will again share some of my techniques that boosting online incomes. Last time, we was talking about some examples of making money with no much hard work. Today we will talk about money which can made in adSense, but without any investment or anything similar. You also don't need to buy or pay anything, just to read, and try to be concentrated, and to repeat. As much times you repet what you read/learned here about making easy money, as much money you will have in your pocket.

Todays way to make money doing nothing, is dedicated to those who have adSense account, make some or make good money, but wan't more. It is everything legal, so please make sure that you don't misunderstood something and try to do something that I didn't told, and then to ask me why consequences knocked on your door. If you have adSense account I am assuming that you have at least one blog or site. Well, this what I will talk about is related to something different, that you probably hear: that is making money in revenue sharing. What is revenue sharing? Basically concept is very simple, someone (web platform, sharing, bookmarking site etc) provides you free opportunity with no investment to write some good content and publish it and in return, you will share revenue with those who gave you that opportunity, right?  There is a plenty of platform out there for revenue sharing (adSense revenue sharing) and some of them are hubPages, squidoo, shetoldme, infobarell, etc. Today I will present you new one that I am felt in love with:) Its name is cOOotopia, and as you can see on top of my blog I promote this platform totally for free (did not even using my affiliate id to earn even more money for doing nothing just waiting some affiliates to make money for me). Why am I doing that? Like I said I felt in love, and I already make some good incomes using their revenue sharing program so wanted to share with yo some of simplest methods to make money using cOOtopia doing almost nothing as you will see in further text. So lets start, money means nothing, we all know that, but we are always trying to make more and more, isn't it? :)

cOOtopia revenue sharing platform offers few ways to make money (writing articles, mixing feeds, answering questions, reviewing products, writing in English or any other language,etc.) but for first time we will be focused on social bookmarking section of cOOtopia (In next few texts I will maybe, describe some even better money making opportunities and tricks with this platform that costs you nothing, if you - my readers are interested in that.) Similar, but bit better than other revenue sharing sites cOOtopia provides social bookmarking type of content submit (visit here: You need to open free account on  this publishing platform, and if you want to earn money, and of course you want that, you need to enter your google adsense pub-id into your control panel, and to be sure that they will publish your ads(with your pub-id) check your adsense control panel and add this site in list of sites that are allowed to show your ads. And that is all for start, you are ready to make some money. First results will be visible after first few days of working with this method.

After you opened account, looked their site and become that you are familiar what is all about, you need do download Google chrome browser (it is also free) and after you install it, you need to install extension for this browser called addthis widget, something (you can find that here: ). After you do that yo are ready to go. This money making method can make good money into your adsense account for doing almost nothing, just follow steps and be sure that you are understand what is important. Start chrome and you will see in right up corner widget that you just installed:

(this is what you need to have in your browser)

To make money in revenue sharing you need to create some unique content that will bring money troughs traffic that your content received. But it is hard work to write 10 relay quality and long articles, not to mention 100 or 1000. But there is something that you can do: submit content that someone already created with your own short but unique description.  That can be fun an profitable, and what is more important: very easy!

So how you will monetize your submissions? This is main part. Make own list of reputable web sources in any  topic that you are interested in, but not more than 5-6 (for example: wikipedia, hubpages, google knol, yahoo answers, new Yourk times, the sun,etc) and visit them every day. Find new, or old but interesting post and articles and what you find one for example use your widget to resubmit that content directly on cOOtopia, that looks like this:

When you are click on cOOtopia in widget you will be directly transfered to this page, which have url that you  are sent from:

What means that all this simplifies and speed up process of bookmarking, so why that is important? If you want to make some money doing nothing, without using own web site or own long write content, you need speed. In this case, key of speed is in browser widget, which transfers you directly to publishing platform even passing url parameter from page where  you were been. Now next and most important step is to choose category and subcategory of content that you submit, add few tags, and minimum 25 words description. My advice to you is to describe with at least 50 words because effects are much better in that case. It is important  to write small but original description of content that you are submitting, if you just copy/paste piece of text from content then it is worthless. No money on that way.  You need to create few original sentence, or in other case (copy/paste)  you can submit hundred of links but you will earn nothing! Please be sure that you understand this. Also cOOtopia editors will probably ban you for lifetime, so it is very important to write unique short description. You can also promote on this way your own pages. 

After few hours of practice,  I easy started to create 50-60 submissions per hour. One hour daily, no more with 30-60 submits can make you from few thousands up to much more monthly in your account. If we can compare that effect with effort that we need to "invest" in this method, we can say that this is really money for nothing, just for describing what other created on Internet, nothing more.

If you pay attention and be disciplined, with only one hour daily, if you have good pattern for finding interesting content (text, or even you tube videos) you will see first results after first few days in your account. Simply don't try to cheat, be disciplined and find and submit on this way for at least a week until first results show and you will see what I am talking about.

This is good money making method since it doesn't require to invest anything, you can start right now, it is free, it is open for everyone so I can easy says that is close to "zen of making money online" which we call here making money for doing nothing

I hope that at least some of you, my readers will recognize, and use this method to make good, long term of incomes, because, don't forget: everything you submit, will be there for lifetime, so that means that every time when someone click, no matter is that today, yesterday, next month, year or next decade on add that is displayed on your content (submission) money will go to you! If you are honest, write good descriptions on content that all you submissions day by day will receive more and more traffic and you will earn more and more money in your account. After few months you can stop for week, or two (like me in this moment) but money will still flow into your pockets. That is what I really like this platform, because of that opportunity that we have to do something initial and than sit and wait earnings. If you are focused this can be real online money making activity for you.