Top 5 ways to make money doing nothing

Making money online is ever green topic. No matter do you want just steady income online stream or you ask to How to become rich quick, you are probably here because you want to start making money on Internet. We discuss about this before, but according to comments, much people still don't get how to make money doing something or make money doing nothing on the Internet, so decided to make small summary of methods and ideas that can help you start making money. If you want to start making money on Internet doing nothing, read careful and feel free to ask anything that You don't understand (using blog comment system).

Obviously, to be honest, problem isn't in ideas and methods for making money, I think that problem is in an approach, people simply don't believe enough in their skills and not very patient, and for example same money making method will get rich one person, but another who don't believe and put much efforts will make just few bucks.

How Your online incomes should look

It is determined that most people fail in creating profitable online business because of simple reasons like: lack of patience, skills and faith. So let start again to learn how to make money with no work, I repeated it is not "with no work" at all, it is just with some initial work and then You can collect money from Your online sources of incomes.

Top 5 money making ways with no much work

  1. Make online business with content generating and publishing: there is a thousands ways to monetize Your content. You just need to be creative, to know what you are writing about and money will came. This can be started with $0 investment, open blog on Blogger, free blog like this one and start writing and making money now!
  2. Buy own money making site:  if You don't know how to create quality content which makes money, then invest in those who know how to do that. Buy for few hundred bucks site that makes at least $100 motnhly, and then follow instructions and increace those revenues every month. Treat this like any other business investment + time = profit. Professional created sites are good online investment, all you need to is to continue raising of traffic and profits on those sites. Monetization is in advertising networks like adSense, Chitika, or direct selling of advertising space.
  3. If You don't know how to write, and don't have any money for initial investment in Your online business, then start making money as forum poster. Search google for "revenue sharing forums", and find few good ones and start blurbing on forums, on this way You can make some huge money, but You any case spending Your time on forums, so be happy with $100-$150 monthly.
  4. Make money unusual ways: as it name says that is money making on unusual ways like: virtual framing, inventing, making and selling cheam home routers, body advertising,etc. All those ways can make some money, depends on You how much that is, like in real life, it is same on Internet in virtual money world, somone makes $300 monthly and somone makes $300.000 monthly.
  5. Make money in affiliate management: idea is simple, find online service that pays 2nd tier, invent new way to make money as affiliate, then use forums to pick up some newbiees and make 100-200 affiliates group, tech them how to use Your method, and live from 10%-20% lifetime commiosions. There many sites that will allow You to make money on this way, starting from adult services up to financial services. Me personally receiving about $1.000 from my FOREX affiliates. I am involed in online forex trading and is some moment i start blog about forex trading, forex brokers and platforms, and when i learned something and started to make money, broker house which i am client offered me 10% of every affiliate that I bring in, so I made small blog, send invitations on some forums, and created group of 500 interested people. Then I made manual that I send to them, called "how to make money online" about 10% become successful, and from those 50 i am making about $1.000 just for doing nothing!


        I decided to add 6-th way for making fast money from nothing really doing nothing it is

         6. AdSense arbitrage - Excellent way for making money with small investment just sitting and watching parameters on screen :)  Use Google to find more details about this, and I will describe basic concept: buy targeted traffic from one advertiser and sell to another. You need to find keywords which are for example in yahoo ad network cost $0.3 and Google advertisers pays $0.7, there are certain keywords that have even more gap between those 2 prices. When You find, calculate costs and ROI, then You just need to slightly buy more and make money profits, excellent way for easy money but require some skills.

I hope that this is inspiration to You for making money on easy ways, by doing nothing, or doing initially hard but later nothing.

Remember there are really thousands ways to make money out here on Internet or in real life, you just need to be creative, and to understand that, like i said ever-green game of money making.