Make money with your body, wired isn't it ?

Today I found  totally crazy way to make moneydoing nothing,  it is blog called make money from your body, very cool and  highly recommended to visit, because this is one more of those "make money doing nothing" examples, but this one  rocks! I think that is bit crazy but all those ways can really make money to You so i would give a try. I suppose that you already read post making money doing nothing just selling sperm, which is also one "make money with your body" way. Those are non-online ways for some quick cash, they are realistc, and it costs you nothing to try.

As you already know, I am inspired to find new and new ways to make money doing nothing online or offline (in real world.) My hope is that I will reach the ZEN  one day to be rich by doing nothing, we will see, stay with me.