Are you making money doing nothing now?

I was looking at calendar today. And I found that I am blogging about making money doing nothing ways almost whole year. So,I wrote about making money using various ways,from body advertising to blogging,selling on eEay and craigslist,and many other ways for some easy cash,so tell me,did you made some money in some or more money making ways? 

Feel free to post your money making ideas or ways on easy ways and  ventures as comments on this post. I will choose best make money doing nothing way and publish as separate guest post. Also, I decided to give a free life time link to bloger who also write about funny and unusual make money ways. Sa if you think that your money making site deserve to be linked from mine make money doing nothing blog feel free to post url in comment and I will choose one for permanent linking from blogroll. Ok that is all from me for today,waiting on yours money making from nothing ways.